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Online - Certificate Course

Introduction to Anglo-American Law

Price: $10

An introduction to fundamentals of the law in the US and UK, including the nature and sources of law, court system, case briefs, and more.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Price: $150

Explores M&A legal and business frameworks and examines real world documents. Learn how to structure and document various control transactions.

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Principles of Tort Law

Price: $60

Provides an introduction to the main principles of tort law. Learn about the requirements for tortuous liability, defenses, and landmark cases.


Corporate Governance

Price: $120

This course covers central topics such as the corporate purpose, the role of investors, D&O and corporate liability, and executive remuneration.

Online - Certificate Coursre

Contract Law Principles

Price: $15

An introduction to contract law concepts, including offer and acceptance, consideration, frustration, and consequences of non-performance. 


Negotiation Principles

Price: $60

Using the Harvard Negotiation Project principles, this course provides research-based guidance on successfully negotiating contracts.

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Intellectual Property Law

Price: $60

The course introduces the most important strands of IP law, focusing on fundamental principles of copyright and trademark protection.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Price: $120

Learn about the legal and policy framework governing corporate social responsibility, and how the role of business within society is developing.

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Business Organizations

Price: $200

This course discusses a range of business organizations, their main features and characteristics, along with selected topical issues.