Introduction to Business Law Courses Online

Who Should Take Business Law Courses Online?

Professionals, Managers, and Entrepreneurs

If you are working for a company, or are setting up your own business, various business law issues are bound to come up. Taking business law courses online will be helpful if you encounter questions such as the following:

  • What elements should be included in a contract to buy goods and services for the business?
  • How should you approach the negotiations surrounding these commercial contracts?
  • How can your company protect itself against liability from accidents and defective products?
  • How should the business set itself up?
  • Should the business incorporate, act as a partnership, or choose some other organizational form?
  • How can the business protect its intellectual property (IP) rights?

Answers to these questions can be found in an online business law course.

Students, Legal Practitioners, Paralegals

Online business law classes and distance learning, however, are not only for individuals working or aspiring to work in business. They can also be particularly useful for students, lawyers or legal practitioners, and paralegals looking for an introduction to business law or certain specific aspects thereof. Within these categories, the following groups are most likely to benefit from studying business law online or taking selected business law short courses:

  • Pre-law students and other students aspiring to study and become business lawyers
  • International students who are preparing to study in the US or UK, such as for an LL.M. (Masters of Law), J.D., or LL.B. degree, and wish to gain an understanding of common law principles in the area of business/corporate law
  • International lawyers or attorneys from other jurisdictions that may not be familiar with US or UK (English) business law
  • International and domestic non-business law specialized lawyers and paralegals looking to expand their knowledge

The above is obviously not an exhaustive list of potential learners. For instance, professionals or students from law-related fields, such as political science, management, banking, and finance, will often also benefit from at least basic knowledge of applicable legal principles.

Business law online courses are particularly suitable for students preparing for studies in the US and UK, international and domestic legal practitioners looking to expand their knowledge, and other professionals faced with commercial legal questions in their daily work lives.

Benefits of Taking Business Law Courses Online

Of course, learning about all the aspects of the law relevant to your needs takes time and money. These are valuable resources which you might not have if you’re a student, a business professional, are already working for a company, or plan to start your own business.

For people like you, a high-quality business law online course might be the perfect solution.

Online courses offer a number of important benefits.

  • They are much cheaper than bricks and mortar courses
  • There are both paid and free business law online courses
  • They can be completed from the comfort of your home or on the go
  • They can be completed at any time that’s suitable for you
  • They do not impose “opportunity costs”, that is you can continue with your current job or studies
  • They are excellent CV building tools and show your interest and initiative
  • They may offer completion certificates that are useful for university and job applications

These benefits give students of the best online business law courses the chance to learn more about legal topics relevant to their work and personal lives without having to give up their day jobs. This is a definite win-win scenario for both existing and aspiring business law experts.

Of course, the success that can be achieved from completing an online business class is dependent on how much effort you put into it. This is especially true for the more demanding online business law certificate courses.

For instance, for every 30 minute online class, you should put in about an hour’s worth of reading. This should be completed before you view the online class. This way, the online class will explain the points you did not understand in the reading and reaffirm the points you did understand.

How to Choose the Best Online Business Course

Let’s assume that you’ve decided to study business law online. How do you know if you found the perfect distance learning business law course? There are a number of factors to keep in mind in this regard.

The best thing to do is to look for an online course which you find accessible; that is, one in which you feel comfortable with the style of online instruction and one that covers the material that is most important to you.

It is rare to find courses that offer international, cross-border, and comparative perspectives on international business law. In our view, these are the best courses.

Good online business law courses will cover the basics, or the ‘business essentials‘. These basic topics will typically include the following areas:

  • Introduction to Law – this introduces students to how the law works, how it is organized, the sources of law and how disputes are handled; an example is our Introduction to Anglo-American Law online course)
  • Contract Law – a contract law online course this covers topics such as the terms and conditions that should be included in a contract, how to terminate a contract, and how to change a contract, among others
  • Tort Law – this covers topics such as negligence, strict liability, products liability, and fraudulent misrepresentation
  • Corporate or Company Law – this covers topics such as the different entities for conducting business; how to incorporate a business, how to fund a business, and others (there could also be specialized corporate law online courses, such as a mergers & acquisitions online course)
  • Corporate Governance – a corporate governance online course covers topics such as how to govern a company, the role of the board of directors, etc.

The best online business courses will come from trusted sources, such as universities and colleges (including Harvard, Penn, and others), the leading MOOC platforms (Coursera, EdX, FutureLearn), and our own Business Law Institute.

However, business law is still not a subject that is widely covered in remote learning. It is rare to find providers that offer the full range of business law courses. Additionally, it is equally rare to find courses that offer international, cross-border, and comparative perspectives on business law. In our view, however, the best business law online courses will offer exactly these attributes to students. That’s why these characteristics are firmly embedded in our approach to teaching business law online.

Ultimately, however, only you can know whether a particular business law online course is right for you and your particular needs. The best way to find out is to sample an online course, check the other resources offered on the course website to ensure the instructors know the subject, and commit to learning business law online.